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It is that time of year again, the time when one of the most anticipated collector cars and memorabilia events in the state of Illinois takes place. The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum, presented in conjunction with Macon Speedway Track Enterprises, has announced its long-awaited annual collectors and commemoration event, presented by the American Automobile Association (ACA) and the Chevrolet Motorcycle Club of America (CMCA). With 100% of the proceeds going to the Veterans of WW2 Memorial in Central IL, it's time for Illinois' longest-awaited and most popular collector's car event.

The proceeds will help keep Historic Lincoln Square Theatre open so it can continue to provide the finest entertainment.

You have finally figured out # to support this very important event, and you will hear the attached promo! Scroll down the links to the popular music genres below and look at the flyer, then search the list on the left for "DJ area." Click the contact button in this list and simply provide the selected DJ with your contact information in a pop-up window.

For a list of previous performers, click on the above site list, then click on "History" and click on the list. For information on how to add this event to your calendar, call 217-764-3000 or the route or call (217) 423-0422.

For more information on this event, call 217-764-3000 or the route or call (217) 423-0422.

From 1 pm to 4 pm you can bring your instrument and play it for free and enjoy old tunes played by local musicians. From 6 to 7: 30 p.m., local groups play classic country and gospel sounds, and from 7 to 10 p.m., there is a live concert with local bands.

There are no tickets, but there are some surprises from 7pm, so you might want to come first and serve and arrive early because the seats are empty. Those who like to listen to local music and keep the spirit of the local community alive can take their father to this event.

Most Decatur, IL DJs require a deposit, a fee and / or sign a contract before performing an event. When you select the date of the event when you search for "DJs in decatur IL," you will see an icon next to the company name with a thumbs-up.

Zips Flowers & Gates (Prairie Ave) in Decatur, IL, offers amazing events from 6 to 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday nights. We offer a wide variety of events for all ages, genders, races and ethnicities, as well as a range of special events.

Local artists and community groups are giving away huge Christmas cards, and the top three designs will receive a prize that is open 24 hours a day. Choose your favorite Facebook page and visit the Family Registration section to receive a free copy of the Christmas card with your name, address and phone number.

Tickets can be purchased from 12 noon to 5 pm when the school is open, or from 10 am to 5 pm on the day of the event at the box office.

There will be a DJ playing music and plenty of room to sit and dance or dance and sit if necessary. On Saturday, athletes and coaches will move from the school to the Decatur Civic Center, where dinner will be served. The Corvettes and the rest of the high school football team will be on display the day after Saturday and open to the public.

The whole family will love this activity and after the activity they will visit the art galleries of the museum, including the Children's Museum of Illinois. Scovill Zoo also has a large playground where you can have fun and enjoy the "Endangered Species of America" exhibition and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For dads looking to enjoy a nice, relaxing evening, there is a dinner at the Decatur Civic Center, complemented by live music, food trucks and entertainment.

While a bouquet doesn't look like a typical Father's Day gift, many florists here in Decatur have put together special dads - approved flower baskets. There are many animals to see and if you are looking for fresh, locally grown produce, you have plenty of options. This Father's Day event lasts from 9.30am to 5pm and you can go with your dad.

Avon is a great local Decatur theatre, but they haven't listed a June 16 film on their website. If your kids are toddlers or teenagers, there are many great new movies to choose from that will air on Decator. AMC's options include "The Hunger Games," "Captain America: Civil War" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

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