Illinois authorities investigate 2 dead at auto repair shop

Published 01-23-2019

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DECATUR, Ill. (AP) - Authorities in central Illinois are attempting to determine the cause of death of two people whose bodies were found in an auto repair shop.

Macon County Coroner Michael E. Day says 34-year-old Beau W. Ford and 30-year-old Jacinda M. Jiles were found dead Saturday in the back room of the shop in Decatur.

Day says in a statement that autopsies were carried out on both bodies the same day they were discovered and there was "no injury and no trauma detected in either person." He added the cause of the deaths were undetermined pending completion of toxicology testing.

Decatur police detective Sgt. Steve Carroll says the bodies were found after police executed search warrants. Police interviewed witnesses, and Carroll indicated no foul play was suspected in the deaths.

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